CMFG Life Insurance

A Few Things That You Did Not Know About CMFG Life Insurance

Insurance is basically defined as an arrangement provided by an insurance company that provides a guarantee of compensation for some specified loss, damage, illness or even death in return for a specified amount of premium.

The premium is the amount that the customer needs to pay the insurance company monthly, quarterly or annually as mentioned in the insurance documents. We do not have any capability to control our future so insurance is the best way to be prepared and protected from any circumstances that might pop up in front of us. Here we will discuss about CMFG Life Insurance in some detail.

About CMFG Life Insurance.


The CMFG Life Insurance Company does business under the marketing name of CUNA the abbreviated form of Credit Union National Association, Mutual Group. It is currently working along with its affiliates and subsidiaries.

The company began its business in the year 1935. The corporate headquarters are in Madison, WI as of February 2015. The company also has main offices in Lowa and Texas and several smaller regional offices spread throughout the United States.

Trustage Life Insurance Over 50 to 80 Age.

This is a mutual insurance company that offers financial services to cooperatives, credit unions, their members and other customers worldwide. CUNA Mutual Group sells various commercial and consumer insurance and protection products. It also provides retirement services plan to small businesses and credit union employees.

It also provides home, auto, life and loan protection products to its credit union members through its TruStage brand.  The personalized investment planning and guidance is provided through CUNA Brokerage Services.

Online Senior Life Insurance Quotes.

A special program called the Member Connect assists the credit unions with marketing insurance products to the customers. The accident, health and life insurance for seniors products are provided under the name of CMFG Life Insurance Company.

The other subsidiaries of the CUNA Mutual Group are CUMIS Insurance Society, CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency, CMG Mortgage Insurance Company, Members Capital Advisors, CPI Qualified Plan, Consultants and Producers AG Insurance Group. Moreover each of the mentioned subsidiaries handles specific financial product for the company.

Facilities and Services Provided.

The insurance and investment products of the CUNA Mutual Group are as follows:

  • Insurance and Payment Protection: Here both commercial and personal products are available. Bond, collateral protection, management and professional liability, business auto, cyber solutions, mortgage insurance, property and business liability, workers compensation are to name a few of the executive benefits offered. In case of personal products Credit insurance, protection of debt, guaranteed protection of asset, mortgage payment protection, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, health auto and home insurance are some to name.
  • Services: This includes loan generation marketing, management of lending document, compliance services and various lender development programs.
  • Wealth Management and Retirement: This includes broker & dealer services pension plans, managed accounts, variable annuities, fixed annuities and immediate annuities.

Thus one can see the awesome senior life insurance benefits offered by the company and so one can definitely go for buying the products without hesitation to avail the benefits.