How Unified Life Insurance Company helps you Live a Comfortable Life

When you are looking for life insurance policies for the benefit of your family and you, the most crucial and imperative step includes the choice of the company. One of the most satisfying feelings you will have is when you find your dream life insurance company and know that you can trust them completely.


But it is not always the case. You may end up in the hands of a company that is more intent on the money related aspects than providing convenient polices for you.

But lucky for you, we will let you know about the Unified Life Insurance Company which will provide the solution to all your worries. With this company you will never have to think of any such worries and you are guaranteed to live a comfortable life.

About Unified Life Insurance Company.

A stock life insurance company which was incorporated in the May of 2001 in Texas, the Unified life insurance for seniors company is owned by the Bauchnan family. They are a successor of the United Life Company which was founded as early as in 1986. This company has become one of the leaders in the stock life insurance market and has a high demand.

They provide insurance for life, annuity and life from over their business in 49 states and the District of Colombia. They help by working as an acquirer or re insurer of health, annuity risks and life that are written by other companies.

Mission & Believe

The Unified Life Insurance Company strives to provide their services by believing strongly in their mission which is to maintain the promises that are made to every policy holder. They believe in providing their full dedication, skills and heart in fulfilling these promises though a consistency and in a highly professional manner. They strive to maintain their level of integrity at the highest level.


There are various services that United Life offers to their customers, of which you get the following.

  • Insured– this policy helps you provide and serve the different needs you may have. It includes Short Term Medical Insurance, Limited Medical Program, National Congress of Employees and much more.
  • Medicare supplements Insurance– This insurance policy helps to provide a supplement to Original Medicare and covers the cost of coinsurance, copayment policies and others.

Why Choose Unified Life Insurance Company?

When you are making the decision to choose the services of the Unified Life Insurance Company, then here are the reasons.

  1. Dedicated– The United Life have become one of the leaders in the market and the reason is because they are dedicated, persistent and determined.
  2. Quality Services– You will find the highest quality services from them. They are punctual and deliver quick and fast results. Therefore, anytime you make a request you are guaranteed a high quality service.
  3. Caring– United Life believes in their motto and they believe in following that through caring means.
  4. Skilled– The staff of this insurance company works around the clock. They are experts who are highly skilled and trained.