VOYA Life Insurance

Choose the best Life Insurance and leave the rest

If you are in search of a single platform to help you meet your financial needs post-retirement, there is a one stop solution which is VOYA Life Insurance Company. Life Insurance provides protection for your loved ones once you are no more and make them financially viable.

VOYA Life Insurance Quotes.


And VOYA Life Insurance companies provide services combining insurance, retirement and investment plan.

The company looks after the financial needs of not less than 12mn customers both in consumer and business all over the USA.

Let’s turn the pages of its history.

New-York based VOYA Financial was previously known as the ING. The initiative was framed in the year 1970 when it’s parent company got involved in acquisitions in Dutch as the Nationale-Nederlanden. It was in 1991 that after the merger NN became the ING Group NV and thereby its expansion increased in the United States through acquisitions.

The ING U.S. began as a trading company publicly on the New York Stock Exchange under the VOYA symbol in the year 2013.

In 2014, ING officially converted its name to VOYA Financial Inc. and kept rebranding the company on the new name.

What is this VOYA? From where did this name originate?

Voya is short from derived from the word ‘voyage’. The company believes the word instils momentum and optimism as it is all about the journey to empowerment and having positive experiences on the way.

VOYA Life Insurance’s performance in the current scenario.

The Company ING changed its name and logo to VOYA Financial to work independently after separation from ING Group.

VOYA offers various products for the current financial year.

VOYA Term smart product offers a fixed tenure of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30-year terms. As also VOYA ROP Endowment plans are available for the time period of 20, 25 and 30 years. The advantageous point here is this is one of the only available return premium policies in 2016.

VOYA Financial has the rating from A.M as the best company. The excellent rating is a self supporting point that the company will be able to meet its financial commitments.

Some of its benefits including life insurance product features are.

Benefit from Rider facility.

You need not pay any extra premium once you are entitled to the policies. It provides for the repayment of the portion of the death benefit if the insured has a life expectancy of 12 months or less. The elderly life insurance over 80 policy owner can make a request to the company to pay off 25% of the death benefit.

Option to convert lies in the hands of the owner.

With no extra premium required, one has full rights to convert its cash value policies internally. However, it should be within the guarantee period of the policy, which should not exceed the age of 75.

Some add-on features like waiver of premium, accidental death benefit and children’s term insurance can be acquired with payment of extra premium.

Some of the Company’s senior life insurance plans include.

Tech Smart 10- a term life insurance with rates guaranteed for 10 years;

Tech Smart 15- a term life insurance with rates guaranteed for 15 years;

Tech Smart 20- a term life insurance with rates guaranteed for 20 years.