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Infinity Auto Insurance Company Review and Quotes Save Money Up To $900

Infinity Auto Insurance Quotes

There is a list of the best auto insurance companies in the US: GEICO, Allstate, Infinity, Progressive, and Nationwide.

These five auto insurance companies are the five pillars of the auto insurance market with the largest market shares according to 2008 data and still remain the top five companies available to US drivers.

They all offer great deals at affordable prices, but each of them might offer something more for a specific customer’s needs.

The only peculiarity of Infinity auto insurance is that the customer can get his own agent. This relieves the customer of the stress when one and the same representative takes care of his claims for years, gains trust and supports the customer.

With a wide range of cheap car insurance plans and personalized services, Infinity stands out from the rest and is one of the top insurance companies.

Infinity Auto Insurance Review

The actual Infinity auto insurance provider began in 1955 as the Dixie Insurance Company. Infinity Auto Insurance has grown significantly since then and currently has 1,900 employees and customers in 43 states.

Infinity auto insurance offers affordable car insurance to a variety of car owners. Both mature and younger drivers benefit from discounts, some of which are considerable.

Infinity’s three different insurance tiers allow drivers with clean driving records and those with prior offenses to purchase cheaper insurance.

Infinity Auto Insurance
Infinity Auto Insurance

Insurance company Infinity is financially stable and has an “A” rating from insurance company rating agency A.M. Preferably. This gives customers peace of mind simply knowing they are covered by a company with a fantastic reputation.

Types of Infinity Auto Insurance Coverage

There are three main forms of car coverage available. These types of categories include Infinity Premier, value-added coverage, and low-cost policies.

  • Infinity Premier Coverage – This type of coverage is aimed at those with a clean driving license who prefer higher limits and additional coverage. Comprehensive coverage and collision protection cost you less if you are an Infinity Premier customer.
  • Value Added Coverage – This coverage is for people who want insurance but don’t have a clean driving history. Regardless of any type of violation of your own driving behavior, value-added policies do not prevent you from acquiring some of the benefits offered in Infinity Premier products and services, and it is still possible to obtain insurance coverage at a reasonable price.
  • Inexpensive Coverage – This type of coverage is great for car owners with violations of their own driving habits, but who want less expensive car insurance. The Low Cost option is the most basic coverage offered and is suitable for car owners who want to drive legally at a lower price.

The most common Infinity Auto Insurance coverage:

Type Of CoverageWhat It Costs?Is It Required?
Property Damage and Bodily Injury LiabilityCosts of Property Damage and Death or Injury from an Accident.Typically required.
Collision CoverageRepair expenses from Traffic Accident.Car Loan or Lease may require.
Uninsured Or Underinsured CoverageMedical And Property damage costs after an accident even the driver have an Insurance or not at all.Often Required.
Comprehensive CoverageRepairing costs of your car damaged by some reason which are beyond you control like hitting an animal, theft or weather events.Car Loan Or Lease may require.
Infinity Auto Insurance Coverage

Infinity Auto Insurance Special Discounts

Infinity car insurance offers choice of solutions to help customers save on their premiums. If you insure more than one car, you can reduce your sum insured by up to 27%.

A cautious car owner is rewarded by Infinity. By providing this proof, you can save up to 25% on your own insurance premium. When safe car owners renew their insurance coverage with Infinity, they receive an additional 8% discount.

Get Quotes From Infinity Auto Insurance
Get Quotes From Infinity Auto Insurance

Young and mature drivers also benefit from the low tariffs of Infinity auto insurance. Students can easily save up to 10% on their insurance premium simply by getting good grades. Older drivers who have completed a maturity guide course also receive special discounts.

Quite a few customers choose to pay their insurance premium in advance. If you choose to do this, it is possible to get a discount on your insurance premium by making a full payment.

Infinity Auto Insurance Discounts Includes:

  • Discount for multiple cars.
  • Safe driver discount.
  • Full discount paid.
  • Paperless discount.
  • Senior driver improvement course discount.
  • Good student discount.
  • loyalty discount.
  • Switch and save discount for new customers.
  • homeowner discount.

Quotes From Infinity Auto Insurance

Overall, Infinity offers prices that are slightly above average for both the typical driver and most with a spotty driving history.

However, the rates for a younger driver were much higher than other insurers, so we recommend new drivers to look elsewhere for better rates.

Insurance For Drivers Having Good Driving Histories

Infinity’s rates for drivers with no recent driving accidents were about average. The typical rate for minimum insurance in California was $549 per year — about 13% cheaper than the average rate we found from key competitors.

However, Infinity was still more expensive than Geico or Mercury, two of the more affordable options we considered.

Full coverage was slightly cheaper than average at $1,709 per year — 2% off the median price we tracked.

Rates For High Risk Drivers

Infinity’s rates have typically been less competitive for young people or those with a driving violation — two types of drivers who typically pay more for auto insurance.

For example, a driver with a speeding ticket at Infinity finds about 6% cheaper fares than the average of the competitors we researched. But a driver with a DUI will find prices about 3% higher than average.

An 18-year-old who buys minimum insurance can pay almost 44% more than average at Infinity – it offered us the most expensive offer of any insurer we considered. Insurance is expensive for younger drivers, but most drivers will find a better deal elsewhere.

Infinity Auto Insurance Review

We’ve compiled highlights of Infinity’s policies and services you should know about, along with a map of Infinity’s footprint. Insurance coverage by Infinity may change over time. Therefore, call the insurer to see if it is available in your state.

Difference Between Infinity RSVP Vs. Infinity Special

When you receive an offer from Infinity auto Insurance, you may be given the option to choose one of two different policies: Infinity RSVP or Infinity Special.

The main difference is that when receiving a covered repair (e.g. after a collision) Infinity RSVP is only accepted at repair shops in the network. However, all repair work is guaranteed, so you will not be responsible for any additional costs if it ends up being more expensive.

On the other hand, Infinity Special does not restrict which shop you can go to, but work is not guaranteed. Additionally, Infinity Special allows you to purchase higher maximum liability limits than RSVP if you wish.

In general, RSVP tends to be slightly cheaper than Infinity Special, although this isn’t always 100% the case.

Service highlight: Infinity DriverClub

Although Infinity relies heavily on independent agencies and brokers, its mobile app allows policyholders to make payments, store electronic policy ID cards, ask questions and access the DriverClub service.

DriverClub is Infinity’s nationwide roadside assistance program. It’s potentially cheaper than most other towing service options – and you don’t have to be an Infinity policyholder to use it.

Industry Reviews of Infinity Auto Insurance

Infinity has 7x more complaints than comparable companies.

Infinity’s Complaints Index was very poor, even for non-standard insurance companies, which often have more complaints than average. His score of 7.31 means that Infinity customers are more than seven times more likely to file a complaint than a typical insurance customer.

Infinity’s AM Best rating of A means it’s likely to be able to pay out claims, although expect a difficult and lengthy claims process due to customer complaints.

Infinity Home Insurance Review Highlights

Infinity offers a variety of property insurance including home, mobile home, condo, and renters insurance.

Infinity Home Insurance
Infinity Home Insurance

Infinity homeowners insurance pays for damage to your home from threats such as theft, hail, lightning, fire and wind. Similarly, Infinity’s renters insurance covers clothing, jewelry, furniture, and electronics. Infinity property insurance also covers liability claims against the policyholder.

Optional additions to an Infinity condo policy include loss appraisal, loss of use, earthquake and water reserve coverage. Policyholders may also purchase coverage through mortgage covenants and regulations or laws.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to make a claim with Infinity?

To submit an Infinity auto insurance claim, policyholders can either log into their Infinity account or call the 24/7 service number. In the event of third-party claims, all registrations must be made via the service number.

Online: Log into your Infinity Account to view your policy and current claim status, or review past claim information online.

Phone: Call 800-353-6737 (1-800-3KEMPER) to report a new claim or accident, or to check the status of an existing claim.


We solicited auto insurance quotes from Infinity and top competitors for a typical California driver for a minimum state insurance policy and comprehensive insurance. We also compared rates for an 18 year old driver with minimum insurance with a clean record with a ticket or DUI.

All quotes are based on auto insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates have been publicly sourced from insurance records and should only be used for comparison – your own quotes will be different.