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Temporary Car Insurance | Short Term Coverage For Your Car | Compare Rates Quotes

Temporary Car Insurance Compare Rates Quotes

Short Term or Temporary Car Insurance is the type of insurance people most often need for a period of 1 to 28 days. In fact, there are many situations where you need this type of insurance. If you’re looking to rent or lend a car, you may need temporary car insurance to cover any liabilities you might incur in the event of an accident along the way.

Temporary Car Insurance
Temporary Car Insurance

If you’re looking for short-term insurance, you need to be sure what you’re actually looking for. You can look for them online and try to get as many offers as possible, compare them and then settle on the one you need.

Why Temporary Car Insurance Is Important?

With the sharp increase in car insurance prices and the economic depression and hardship people are facing, there has been an increased demand for more and more options to insure your car. Because of this; Many insurance companies offer short-term or temporary car insurance policies that are a good alternative to annual premiums.

Short-term or temporary car insurance is best for:

  • Temporary additional cars
  • Immediate drive away insurance if you just got a car
  • Issuance of unaccompanied vehicles or use of replacement vehicles
  • Temporary additional drivers, including foreign visitors
  • Lend your car to a friend, relative or anyone else

Benefits Of Temporary Car Insurance

Before you decide on short-term insurance, here are some of the benefits you should know to get a real picture of temporary car insurance.

  • Short-term insurance is best when you rarely use your car and there is no need to purchase traditional annual insurance. With temporary car insurance, you pay for the period you intend to use the car.
  • The temporary vehicle insurance can be extended or canceled at any time. This option will help you make changes or changes to your policy.
  • Buying temporary vehicle insurance is quick and easy. These policies are usually available from most insurance companies and you can even purchase them over the phone or online.

Disadvantages Of Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

Most states require drivers to have auto insurance by law, and the short-term coverage options listed above do not always provide adequate protection.

Need Of Purchasing Temporary Car Insurance
Need Of Purchasing Temporary Car Insurance

If you’re at risk of being involved in an accident without proper protection, you’re probably paying for the damage out of your own pocket. Read on to learn more about the short-term auto insurance shortcomings.

Most Insurance Companies Do Not Sell Temporary Car Insurance

Most insurance companies offer two contract periods: six months and twelve months. An insurance company wants to keep their customers for as long as possible.

Drivers who only want insurance for a short period of time are unlikely to renew, making them less than ideal customers. The premium an insurer collects on extremely short term car insurance is not worth the insurer’s paperwork.

If You Have a Temporary Insurance Period, You Could Lose Your Deposit

Although this varies from company to company, most policies require a deposit equivalent to 30 to 45 days of the total premium. If you cancel five days after your policy expires, you are not always guaranteed to get your entire deposit back.

Drivers who think a short-term policy could help them save money might find that simply isn’t the case. Note that some insurance companies also charge cancellation fees.

Insurance Is Required By Law in Most States

Unless you live in New Hampshire, you are required by law to bear at least the legal limit of liability coverage in order to operate or register a vehicle. If you are caught driving without insurance, your license may be suspended.

When you lease or finance a vehicle, your lender will typically require you to carry minimum government coverage, collision damage waiver, and collision insurance—and certainly not short-term. If your lender finds you are driving without insurance, you may risk having your vehicle repossessed.

You Cannot Take Advantage of Coverage Immediately If You Opt for Short-Term Coverage

Most companies have a grace period for auto insurance coverage. Many insurance companies limit the use of collision and collision damage waivers to 30 days after the inception date. If you only want an insurance policy for two weeks, you may not be eligible for certain insurance options during that window.

Temporary Car Insurance Leaves Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies aim to provide at least six months of continuous coverage before accepting a customer.

If a driver had an active driver’s license but did not maintain insurance coverage, the insurer may assume that the applicant was driving without insurance, an indicator of a high-risk customer. Gaps in insurance history can increase premiums by nearly $15 a month.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Temporary Insurance For Car?

When purchasing temporary insurance for car, there are certain factors you need to consider before making your purchase. One of the important points that you will see is that young drivers have trouble getting these insurances and they are quite expensive.

Again, you may have trouble getting insurance if you have prior driving offenses or made insurance claims. Therefore, it is better to look for many options to get the best possible price and the deal you want.

The 6 Best Temporary Insurance Car Policies

  • Best Overall: Nationwide
  • Best for Collector cars: Hagerty
  • Best for Multiple Car Coverage: GEICO
  • Best for Claims: Progressive
  • Best for pay as you go: Allstate
  • Best for International Insurance Coverage: dayinsure

What Coverage Is Offered In Temporary Car Insurance?

There are a number of cover options. You can choose any of them according to your conditions. For example, you can choose a cover if you:

  • Test drive a new car
  • Drive home the new car
  • Rent a car
  • Move and transport furniture
  • Insure yourself if you are traveling in someone else’s car

Car Insurance for Non-Owners

If you typically drive cars that you don’t own, consider non-owner car insurance. Non-owner auto insurance offers both personal and property liability insurance, which is mandatory in most states. Because liability insurance follows you and not the car, you’re always covered – whether the car belongs to a friend, employer or a rental company.

Car insurance can help reduce your costs in the long term. Buying a traditional insurance policy means you’re paying for something you don’t use every day, and buying rental car insurance repeatedly can end up costing more than buying a non-owner policy.

Have You Purchase Your Car Insurance
Have You Purchase Your Car Insurance

Non-owner car insurance is also a good option if you frequently borrow cars from others. But if you live with someone and often borrow their car, they should add you to their policy. An insurer might refuse to cover an accident if you’re not listed, even if you have a non-owner auto insurance policy.

The downside of a non-owner policy? It usually serves as secondary insurance, i. H. it only applies if the primary insurance – that of the car owner – is not sufficient to cover damage. And even then, it only occurs if the coverage on your non-owner policy exceeds the coverage on the owner policy.

Frequenty Asked Question (FAQs)

What Is Temporary Insurance for Car?

Temporary car insurance is a type of short-term car insurance. It ensures that you are covered for a period of between 1 and 28 days.

You can use the temporary cover for a variety of purposes. For example, if you are driving to your destination with a new car and cannot yet afford car insurance, temporary car insurance is just what you need.

Am I Eligible for Temporary Car Insurance?

Anyone with a driver’s license that has been valid for at least a year is eligible for temporary auto insurance.

There are other requirements that may vary. Some providers may insist that you have a certain number of points on your driver’s license and have not been revoked in recent years. There may also be a minimum value clause for the car to be insured. You may also need to agree on a maximum amount that the provider will pay you in the event of a claim.

Is Temporary Car Insurance really exist?

Temporary car insurance isn’t available from major insurers, but there are options if you’re only driving temporarily. If you own your vehicle, you can take out a six-month policy, cancel when you’re done driving and avoid paying for months you haven’t driven.

You can also consider pay-per-mile auto insurance if you only drive occasionally. If you’re driving a car that you don’t own, you can look into other options.

How to Pay Less for Your Temporary Car Insurance?

Redeem no-claims discounts obtained elsewhere. This proves that you are taking less risk and therefore helps you pay lower premiums.

A clean driving record will always help you get better insurance terms
Pay close attention to the safety of the vehicle. More security leads to lower premiums.

Always compare rates when purchasing temporary car insurance. A reputable insurance provider is always better than a dubious car rental company.

How You Can Chose the Best Temporary Car Insurance?

We researched more than a dozen temporary insurance companies before deciding on the top six. We evaluated many factors including the type of coverage, coverage areas, available discounts, and the company’s reputation. We also took into account user ratings, average prices when available and how easy it is to set up.

It was also important to us to include existing companies and to offer different types of cover such as holiday and classic car insurance.

Can I get short-term car insurance for an intercity trip?

If you take a road trip, your standard auto insurance coverage will transfer from one state to another. Even if you’re only carrying the absolute minimum liability coverage, your limits will automatically be raised to match those of the state you’re driving in.

For example, if you are traveling from a state like California with lower limits (15/30/5) to Nevada with higher limits (25/50/20), your limits will be upgraded to Nevada’s at no additional cost.

Your limits will never go down, so you always carry at least minimum liability protection. If you are traveling with an RV, you need RV insurance.


All of the companies that made our list of the best temporary car insurance policies are reputable, have been in business for a long time, and offer various types of coverage, discounts, and services.

Some of the companies only offer a specific type of insurance, e.g. B. for holiday insurance or insurance for classic cars, while others offer several different types of insurance.

Our overall recommendation is Nationwide Insurance because it’s quick to get up and running, makes filing a claim easy, and offers a variety of coverages with no cancellation fees.